ENDO Crusher


Reliable quality processed and assembled at our own factory in Japan


Design based on the technology cultivated through over 80 years of machine manufacturing.


We do crushing test before sales, propose the system more suitable for the site and provision of maintenance service after delivery.

Uniaxial crusher

Uniaxial crusher gitves finer crush with its crush size adjustment. Large mass can be made into small pieces with one unit.

Biaxial crusher

Varies from compact models that crush small items into small pieces to large models that process large items in large quantities

chip crusher
Chip crusher

A dedicated machine for crushing and reducing the volume of iron and aluminum cutting chips generated by machine.

biomas crusher
Biomas Crusher

For chipping, pelletizing, and primary crushing of composting plants for woody biomass. Can be chipped from pruned branches, grass, thinned wood and logs.

bone cutter
Bone Cutter

A food crusher for breaking bones for soup stock. Mechanize the "genkotsuwari" when using pork bones as a soup ingredient

high speed cutting machine
High speed cutting machine

A machine that cuts soft materials such as fibers and plastics at high speed and continuously. The crusher cuts things that get entangled in the cutter into small pieces.

Delivery system example

Crushed material:Pet bottles/Beverage cans
Purpose:Individual liquid seperation
EC15-30 Type

Conveyor loading Crusher machine Discharge

Crushed material: Industrial waste
Purpose:Industrial waste volume reduction

Conveyor loading Crushing machine

Crushed material:Pruned branch
DMD312 Type

Conveyor loading Crushing machine

Crushed material:Wood
Purpose:Primary crushing of pellets
DMD416 Type

Forklift batch injection Crushing machine Conveyor discharge

industrial waste
Crushed material: Infectious waste
Purpose:Volume reduction
ECS30-100 Type

Input lifter Crushing machine Conveyor discharge

Metal chip
Crushed material: Chip
Purpose:Reduction of transportation frequency (work improvement)
ECK15-30 Type

Processing machine discharge conveyor Crushing machine Chip trolley

paper packs
Crushed material:Paper pack(with contents)
Purpose: Seperation of individual liquids
EC15-30 Type

Conveyor loading Crushing machine Washing

cutting powder
Crushed materials:Cutting powder
Purpose: Cutting iol modification.
ECS17W-60H Type

Forklift batch injection Crushing machine Centrifuge

Features of ENDO crusher

As the name implies, a crusher is a machine that crushes things into smaller pieces and is indispensable for waste treatment and recycling. ENDO's crusher has a wide variety of models in various sizes, and there are plenty of options such as pushers and screens. For this reason, it is possible to crush not only solids such as wood, plastic, and paper, but also clay-like and moist substances such as food residues, and containers that are put in with liquids and powders. In addition to being able to choose from a large number of models, it is also possible to customize the width of the crushing chamber, motor capacity, shape, material, etc., taking into consideration the type, processing amount, particle size, installation location restrictions, and layout of the entire plant. It has a good reputation for durability and ease of maintenance.

  • For separation and sorting during recycling.
  • For reducing the volume of unnecessary materials.
  • For reducing the volume of cutting chips in machine shops.
  • To break CDs, DVDs, etc.
  • For pretreatment of food processing.
  • Streamline recycling.
  • Shape the waste into a shape suitable for final disposal.
  • It is possible to save space in factories and reduce transportation costs.
  • It crushes data media and prevents the leakage of confidential information.
  • Mechanize the pretreatment of tonkotsu ramen.

Crushing result (before/after)

Roll plastic
Roll plastic
Paper pack
Paper pack
Pruned branches
Pruned branched
Grass fiber
Grass fiber
Aluminum chips
Aluminum chips


crushing test
Crushing test

If you wish, we will provide a sample in advance and carry out a crushing test.

Remote monitoring / IoT

Quickly detect troubles by remote monitoring. We will respond to problems by remote control from within our office.